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The Pants Retro Blog: White Noise – Turn on a Light Idiot

on Mon,Dec,2011

White noise – turn a light on idiot!

1/21/2005 12:40:35 AM

Well hello there, hope you’re all having as much fun as me. I’m searching for information for my workshop tomorrow. The fun at university just doesn’t stop!

Well yesterday was a fairly fun night, Exeter finally bowed out of the cup, there were gale force winds in Nottingham…….and i saw white noise at the cinema with Jen.

What a bizzare film, I’ve read quite a few reviews of the film after I got back and feel most of them are pretty unfair. The acting in my humble opinion was top knotch and there were genuinly scary bits at times, which I dont say very often about films! The ending was a bit of a disapointment although Jen wouldn’t agree! But for me the most annoying feature of the film was just general lack of common sense from the lead character. Walking round at house scared to death without lights on, i mean come on! And driving out to an isolated country road in the middle of the night without a torch?? I was literally struggling to keep my mouth shut to stop myself shouting at the screen! Worryingly a girl several rows further back to me and Jen couldn’t stop laughing through a character being killed. Maybe thats just a plymouth thing? All in all I’d give the film 3/5, worth watching!

I’ve finally decided to bother with one of my new years resolutions people will be amazed to learn. Im bowing to great external pressure and sending a valentines day card  But to who??? My lips are sealed

Random fact of the day: The squirrel sleeps an average of 14.9 hours a day



Meanwhile in 2011…

This post was written during the January doldrums at university and made for dull reading almost 7 years on.

White Noise – I have no recollection of the film. A glimpse at Rotten Tomatoes says that 44% of the audience liked it. It was widely panned by the critics though as a rule I ignore their reviews.

Far too many exclamation marks! Again! I’m glad I’ve grown out of that!

Valentine’s Day 2005. I wonder if that was the year I sent a dozen mystery Valentine’s Day cards to all the single people I knew – male and female – to cheer them up with the thought that they were being admired from afar. I’m sure the” great external pressure” must have been my Mum.


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