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The Pants Retro Blog: I’m Winning the Battle

on Sat,Nov,2011

Im winning the battle

1/9/2005 1:16:02 AM

Thats right I’m gaining the upper hand with this flu and fighting back. I still haven’t done any of this coursework though, if im not careful im going to be up a certain creek without a paddle for the 3rd time this year.

The rest of the girls get back here tomorrow (Emma’s back already, i’m not accusing myself of being a girl) so I get to tidy the whole house too. The fun just doesn’t stop. It’ll be nice to see them all again though. Its strange to wake up to silence and not the sound of Jen’s singing in the morning, it really isn’t the same!

Forest made it through to the 4th round of the fa cup after winning 3-0 away from home yesterday. Nottingham! But Plymouth are out dashing my hopes of seeing Forest – Plymouth down here. Ah well, im still making my mind up whether or not to go to footy training at noon. Im ill and its been xmas which gives me an excuse if I play badly, and I really fancy a game after watching 2 matches earlier. But can I be bothered to walk to the union and freeze my bum off for 3 hours or so? I’ll see when I wake up.

I cant wait to go see Rammstein in Feb, they’re playing back in Notts so I get to go home for a weekend. Must finish this coursework before letting myself get excited though.

I made an important life decision earlier and have applied for a brochure to work abroad for 6 months or longer after I finish uni. Im still trying to decide between Canada or Australia but i’ve still got another year and a half to decide so no rush. Anyhow i’m out of things to say tonight so good night folks.
Meanwhile in 2011…

It’s interesting to read about an important life decision that didn’t actually materialize. The 6 months abroad in either Canada or Australia became 6 weeks backpacking in Thailand. Looking back, I made the right decision.

Nottingham Forest – probably the biggest source of pain in my life.

Sharing a house with 4 women for 2 years – I don’t miss it. 


5 responses to “The Pants Retro Blog: I’m Winning the Battle

  1. sami116 says:

    “Nottingham Forest – probably the biggest source of pain in my life” :O
    How? Football is a cure for all diseases not pain!

  2. tessf says:

    Sorry to hear about your bug. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Best of luck with the homework stuff. Maybe if you say something to the professor, s/he’ll give you some more time. I know I do it with most everyone who asks. 😉

  3. tessf says:

    give them more time on their homework, I mean! o_o

  4. tessf says:

    OK. I’m seeing the date of this original blog. At first, I thought you were a TA in graduate school. I am an idiot. And I teach English too. 🙂 Freshmen.

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