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The Pants Retro Blog: My Week

on Tue,Nov,2011

My week

12/3/2004 9:23:57 PM

Hello there anyone foolish enough to be reading this, well here we go, without any further ado this has been my week.

In case you dont know me, which is quite likely let me introduce myself. I’m Eric, I’m 20 and i’m a uni student. I’m originally from Nottingham but am living in Plymouth while i’m here at uni (just in case you didn’t realise). I’m the only bloke in my house, and i live with 4 weird and wonderful girlys. They’re Jen, Ellie, Emma and Lianne and like me they’re all completely mad.

Okay well this week hasn’t been one of my best weeks down here for reasons I’m about to explain. I study Psychology at uni and wednesday was yet another deadline day. Meaning my entire Monday and Tuesday were taken up doing ridiculously dull coursework. Thankfully I managed to finish at a not unreasonable 3:30am wednesday morning. Because I have issues waking up in the morning (im lazy) I decided to stay up all night and go to bed after I handed everything in, do i regret doing this? You bet I do!

Im stuck in a bizzare sleeping pattern now, while everyone else sleeps I’m up and about. This is far from ideal let me tell you! Im ashamed to admit I woke up at 3:30pm today, though in my defence I did go to bed at 5:30am!

Moving swiftly on to something not quite so dull, I’m currently being treated to the singing talents of Jen my housemate. She’s had mumps for a week and is now back to her best. Everyone’s celebrating this by getting standing up lying down drunk tonight. Well everyone except me, I’m staying in as part of my alcohol free week. I’m a bit tempted myself to go out I must admit as I’m enjoying all the benefits of the single life at the moment. But for my liver’s sake I’m resisting the urge.

I’m looking forward to next week, It wont be long before I can go home for the christmas hols. I seriously cant wait, I’ve been in Plymouth since the 9th of September, It seems a very very long time to be away from home! So yes will be nice to see all my reliable trustworthy Notts friends. Most of the people I know down here can be good friends, but many I trust them as far as I can throw them!

I’ve written quite a lot so signing off till next friday, be well


Meanwhile in 2011…

That’s madness! Staying up all night in order to reach a deadline the next day. If I did it all over again, I’d start the assignment much sooner and avoid having to hand it in at the very last minute. Ah the wisdom experience brings…


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