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Je Je Je Jaded

on Wed,Sep,2011

When it comes to work, the last three to four months have been nothing short of brutal. I now find myself constantly yearning for a day off. It’s times like these that the candle of my passion for teaching starts to flicker.

I really like the vast majority of students, and I love that teaching is what I do for a living. I just wish that there wasn’t so much of it. I’ve been working flat out since June, and I’m desperate for a week off. I’m currently juggling a total of seven classes for six different subjects. Thankfully this week is the final week of Thai program courses. Four of my classes will be over for a month, and some generous gaps will temporarily open up in my schedule.

The only downside is that a tsunami of marking will be upon me within the coming days. Wednesday afternoon will see 120 economics students take an academic writing quiz that I devised a few hours ago. For the sake of consistency, the teacher that prepares a quiz has the privilege of marking every paper. That’s 120 papers to look forward to as of tomorrow afternoon. Then there’s final exams for Thai program courses. Each teacher gets roughly 100 exam papers to check plus another 100 papers to double check. That’s 320 exam papers so far.

Sadly, it gets worse. Midterm exams are coming for international program courses. That means another 120 economics papers, 140 business papers and 39 science papers. That means my grand total comes to a dizzying 619 exam papers.

In the midst of all that marking, I’ll have to make my yearly visit to immigration at Chaeng Wattana for another visa extension. All of my paperwork is ready; all that remains is a tedious and frustrating three or four hour wait on the world’s least comfortable plastic chairs. Happy times ahead.


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  1. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu

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