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Acid Attack on Farang at BTS Station

on Sun,Sep,2011

The most worrying news story for tourists and expats in Thailand this week was of a despicable acid attack at a skytrain station. Here’s what the Bangkok Post had to say:

A foreign woman artist, Elizabeth Briel, reported on Twitter on Friday that she and her husband had acid sprayed at their faces at the Asoke skytrain station last night.

She said the acid was directed at them from the stairway leading to the station near Robinson shopping mall.

Mrs Briel said her husband’s eyes were damaged but would be okay, while she has a burnt scalp.

They were treated at Bumrungrad hospital.

The hospital said this is the third case they have seen lately.

In Mrs Briel’s homepage, she sums up the incident saying she and her husband “were in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Her letter to Thailand says she will leave Thailand and travel to China soon because of “China’s contemporary art and its fringe cultures”, not because of last night’s incident.

While the chances of being targeted seem quite small, it’s worrying that such attacks are happening. Be careful out there folks.


One response to “Acid Attack on Farang at BTS Station

  1. Yanhee says:

    It used to be that attacks on foreigners were confined to the sleazy tourist areas like Pattaya which has always attracted the worst elements of Thai culture. Phuket has regular and ongoing attacks these days particularly by the taxi and jet ski mafia (plenty of news items every week about it). But now it seems like that kind of thing is spreading all the way to Bangkok.

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