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A Bombshell Has Been Dropped

on Wed,Mar,2011

A meeting was called a few weeks ago for all staff working in my building. There was only one item on the agenda: the complete refurbishment of the top floor of the building. It seems that at long last, the university has decided to spend some money on our building.

The top floor is home to the offices of some 80 or some permanent teachers. The entire floor will be off limits as of the end of April, so everyone has just over a month left to temporarily empty their office. The entire ceiling and large parts of the roof will be replaced, so leaving anything behind would be foolish. This is going to be a major problem.

One thing I’ve discovered about teaching is that it is impossible to prevent yourself from acquiring mountains of paper. No matter how careful you are to save and recycle paper, it somehow has a way of magically multiplying overnight. Having your very own office when times are busy doesn’t help either. It’s very easy to dump anything you’re carrying in your office before dashing off to have lunch or to teach another class.

My office doesn't look this bad, but It's getting there...

I’ve only been in this job for 18 months, but it’s scary the amount of the stuff I already have hidden away in my office. Thankfully a large volume of paper won’t be needed again and can be shredded; the real problem is that I’m going to have to go through everything to make sure I don’t throw away any old exams, assignments or grade sheets in case they’re ever needed again. It’s going to be a long and arduous process.

Another problem is finding somewhere to put all the things I will need again. I have several folders full of things I will need for the next semester. It’s almost a certainty that the repairs won’t be completed on time, and space in the rest of the building will suddenly be at a premium with 80+ other teachers looking for somewhere to store their possessions.

As irritating as it will be to clear out my office, I have a lot of sympathy for some of the older teachers. Many have been there for at least 20 years, and more than a few of them haven’t been very careful when it comes to disposing of old paperwork. I’m glad I only have a year and a half’s worth of old stuff to go through.


One response to “A Bombshell Has Been Dropped

  1. Choco lover says:

    Good luck Teacher 🙂

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