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Looking to the Future

on Wed,Jan,2011

F0r the past seven or eight months, I’ve been certain that my long term future isn’t going to be spent living in Thailand. I’ve always been very ambitious and driven, and the knowledge that I have got as far as I possibly can in Thailand with only a Bachelor’s Degree and a CELTA feels quite unsatisfying.

I can think of hundreds of reasons to stay at the moment. I’ve got a great girlfriend, I’m saving a lot of money, and I’ve got a much better lifestyle compared to my friends living in England. I can see big and dramatic changes coming up on the horizon though, and the days I have left living in Thailand are definitely numbered.

So what will come next? A position teaching the subject I studied at university at a Western university ideally. While I’ve had a prosperous 3 years of teaching English as a Foreign Language, I’ve never once had the feeling that I would want it to be my career. I’m not completely sold on the value of English being a global language, and I feel like the time is right to move on to teaching something a little more vigourous.

When the time is finally right for me to leave Thailand, I should be in surprisingly good shape. I’ve saved more than enough to study for a Master’s Degree, and I’ll have more than two years of experience of teaching at a university. Hopefully my teaching experience and my CELTA will make up for graduating with only a 2.2 (also know as a Desmond), when I completed my Bachelor’s Degree, almost a lifetime ago.


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